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I used Sailor Senshi maker. by AnimeGamerKitten I used Sailor Senshi maker. :iconanimegamerkitten:AnimeGamerKitten 1 0 Me in Pokemon with my partner's Pokeball. by AnimeGamerKitten Me in Pokemon with my partner's Pokeball. :iconanimegamerkitten:AnimeGamerKitten 0 0 Animated me. by AnimeGamerKitten Animated me. :iconanimegamerkitten:AnimeGamerKitten 0 3


Caralina, Vampire Huntress Part 8 by OHSHCFangirl01 Caralina, Vampire Huntress Part 8 :iconohshcfangirl01:OHSHCFangirl01 2 0 Batim - Henry And Bendy Doddles by Skullgirl-2000 Batim - Henry And Bendy Doddles :iconskullgirl-2000:Skullgirl-2000 74 3
Toddler!Country x Adoptive Mommy!Reader intro
You wait in the airport for the plane to arrive. You recently decided to adopt a son. He had to take a plane to your hometown. His new hometown. You're kind of excited about being an adoptive mother. You glance at the adoption papers once again. You kiss his picture. 'Soon,' you think to yourself, 'I'll be able to kiss your forehead.'
The boy is 3 years old right now. He's turning 4 in a couple of months. His family died in a fire when he was 1, so he couldn't remember the whole ordeal. He claims to have vague memories though, and is especially cautious around fire.
You look up at the flight schedule and see that his flight is running a bit late, but it should be there about 15 minutes after the scheduled time. You decide to try to pass the time by reading your favorite book, (favorite book).
~Time Skip~
You glance up at the flight schedule and see that your new son's plane just arrived. You hold up a sign with his name on it so he can find you. Now you're both excited and nervous; you
:iconbeatlemaniac01:Beatlemaniac01 116 35
Roy Mustang X Male!Armour!Reader ~ Wait for You
“_____!” You turned at the sound of your name being shouted from somewhere behind you, the armour that made up your body clinking as you did so. You turned to see the small blonde alchemist, the very same one who had promised you he would help you get your body back just as soon as he fixed himself and his brother, running towards you across the park just as fast as his short little legs would carry him. You turned to face him fully, blades of grass being crushed under your feet as you moved. Had he done it? No, that couldn’t be it. He was running in ... fear? “_____, you’ve gotta help me!” He begged as he reached you, grabbing your metal arm and looking at you with pleading amber eyes. “The colonel called me short this morning, so I just got my revenge, but now he’s gonna kill me and you’ve gotta hide me please!”
You would have blinked at the absurdity of the situation if you could have, but Edward didn’t give you much
:iconcrimson-ward:Crimson-Ward 198 35
Snowstorm (Wrath x Reader)
(Wrath x Reader)
(Author’s note:  This was a request from “Tattoo123456”.  I hope you all enjoy it n_n!)
White and gray.  That was all you could see for miles and miles.  The snow was so pure and undisturbed that it reminded you of icing on a cake.  There was only one trail that weaved and jagged, breaking the perfect blanket with blood-stained footprints.  It wasn’t hard to follow.  It got more sinuous as you followed it, but all in all, the person seemed to be determined to go in only one direction.  You noted that it was away from town, away from all the noise and the fuss.  Maybe he was a loner like you.  Maybe it wasn’t a he but a she that was wandering around, lonely and hurt.  Your brows furrowed as a gust of wind blew snowflakes against your cheeks.  They grazed your eyelashes and melted quickly, causing your whole face to grow even more numb than it already was.  As you bli
:iconanimeartistren:AnimeArtistRen 93 16
FMA: Lust X Reader my beautiful little Butterfly

You looked out of your bedroom window watching the butterflies fly across your window. You sighed and walked back to your bed and went back to reading. “Why down child?” a voice asked. You looked up to see her again... Lust.
Lust has watched over you since you were a child. One day your parents abandoned you so Lust strangely but kindly took you in. You knew she was a Homunculus an evil creature who wanted to kill people to make a philosopher's stone and become human but she was different. Yes she also wanted the stone to become human herself but her passion for it; like she was in a dream when she talked about made you realise she wasn't like the other homunculus For Example Envy, Sloth and Wrath.
Gluttony waddled over to you and looked at your book, the book read 'Butterfly'. “You like butterflies?” he asked looking up at you. You smiled and nodded as you patted the top of his.
Ever since Lust took you in her co
:iconsooozabell:SooozaBell 120 15
There you are by The-Silver-Ash There you are :iconthe-silver-ash:The-Silver-Ash 42 9
Fixing a Broken Heart (Weiss X Mreader)
AN: Request from Ethanhampshire Might as well do one, before I go right back into series. It just keeps dragging me back in. XD
About you: You are Weiss’s best friend. Pair of you have been so since childhood, and came with her to Beacon. And yes, you are in love with her. But on the day you plan to tell her, another beat you to it. Neptune. He asked her pout and Weiss said yes. So now you are friendzone. But for long?
You dual-wield a pair of short swords that change into dual pistols. Your semblance is teleportation, but you look like a black mist when you use it. (Like Reaper)
(Your POV)
I sat in my room, staring at the ceiling. I just sighed, thinking about Weiss again. She and I have been friends since childhood. I knew her better than anyone here, and yet that blue haired, ‘ladies
:icondragonslayerman6:dragonslayerman6 70 66
Neo x Male Reader
P.O.V. Mercury
Me and Emerald where standing in front of Roman. He was supposed to give us our new orders. "Alright so today you have a really simple job. . . you two are babysitting," he said looking at us.
"What? Babysitting? What are you talking about?" Emerald asked looking at him.
"He means we have to watch after Neo and [Name]." I said looking at her.
"Why? Aren't they capable of watching after themselves?" Emerald asked looking at me.
"Yes they are but I want the two of you to make sure that they don't leave this building. They don't like staying in one place for to long." Roman said looking at her.
I hate babysitting these two I always end up taking things inappropriately when I'm around them. "Where are they now?" I asked looking at him.
"They're . . . no idea, well good luck," he said as he walked away. A lot of help he was.
"I hate watching them," I said as me an Emerald began to walk down the hall.
"Why's that?" Emerald asked looking at me.
"You'll find out soon enough," I
:iconmetrofairy:MetroFairy 160 26
Mermaid!Pidge x Sharkmaid!Reader-my little Mermaid
Mermaid! Pidge X Sharkmaid!Reader- My little Mermaid
(A/N: VERY VERY VERY minor sexual themes...I didn't think it needed I filter because they aren't a big drive of the story so....yea...
/dominant/savage as hell/ warrior / lonely reader....
Sharkmaids are...rather uncommon creatures....being so you weren't the most accepted amoung the Mermaid races....
You didn't care much what others said, being a sharkmaid ment you could swim around ferocious beasts and not have to cower like the others. You were faster and stronger, you could go longer with out eating and sleeping...
The only curse was that no matter where you went people would always stare in fear...not like you cared though...
Not untill the the weeks leading up the event, you would swim through the streets and see all these loving couples proposing marriage to eachother. Part of you felt sick from the display, the other somewhat jellous.
Who in their right mind would propose to a shark, when they could have an a
:iconjinxx-is-the-moon:jinxx-is-the-moon 12 8
Memaid LanceXArtist Reader- The Love of a Mermaid
Mermaid Lance X Artist reader- the love of a Mermaid!
(A/N: I'm dead set on becoming the #1 pimp of voltron....and I am super excited to say that I am going to do a whole set of X reader inserts for mermaid Palladins! Also! This story takes place in Hawaii on the Island of Kauai to be exact...places described and mentioned in this fanfiction are real places on the Enjoy! ^^)
Living in Hawaii wasn't everything you had hoped it to be. When your parents moved here in their early retirement, they hadn't taken you into much consideration.
You weren't acceptionally good at making friends, and there weren't too many girls your age where you lived. You also didn't share too many interests as other kids.
You liked walking to the beach early in the morning, or during sunset...your parents let you roam free because....well, you lived on an island! You couldn't go far, and there wasn't much for you to do! You would always follow the beach side untill you came to this small little lago
:iconjinxx-is-the-moon:jinxx-is-the-moon 11 4
Bunnymund x Reader: Green Eyes
"This is so fucking stupid" (Name) muttered under her breath so her dad didn't hear her curse. Why did (Name) look so miserable? She was at the park on Easter Sunday with the family, watching the kids look for eggs. She got so annoyed they ran pass so many freaking eggs. There was pink in green bushes, blue on a brown tree. Seriously these eggs stood out. Shaking her head, (Name) pulled out her phone from her back pocket and check Facebook like she would every time we was bored. Facebook made it worst, there was nothing to see, nothing worth seeing so she put on her music with her head planted on the wooden bench table.
(Name)'s shirt was being pulled, trying to get her attention. Lifting her head she spotted her kid sister with tearful eyes, quickly big sister mode kicked in, turning her body filly around she grasp her sister's shoulders. "What's wrong, Abby?"
"Bullies took our eggs." She cried, (Name) turned to where her father was but he was gone, probably went on home. Sighing in f
:iconirawolph:IraWolph 57 22
(BEN DROWNEDXReader) His Gamer Girl chp 1
His Gamer Girl
Chapter 1
A/N : Here's chapter 1! Sorry it took me a very long time, but I'm still trying to recover from Writer's Block.Also, don't worry, I'm still trying to brainstorm an idea for the Jeff the Killer X Reader one! Watch out for strong language! Enjoy for now!
Guide : (y/n)=your name, (y/l)=your last name, (e/c)=eye color, (h/c)=hair color, (f/c)= favorite color.(Insert ???) shall also be included.
Age : 16
Your (e/c) eyes slowly opened, groaning while looking around.You seemed to be on the front of your house.A pounding headache was bothering you badly, and before you could do anything, you felt something start to come up your throat.Quickly, you covered your mouth and got up, running to the side of the house, where you vomited harshly.Riding yourself of all the things that happened last night at the party.After the feeling of vomiting was gone, you dragged back ove to your house, pattin
:iconmidnightmoon326:midnightmoon326 202 34
Cuddling (Ben Drowned x Reader) !Request!
A/N: Sorry for the while wait MajorasMask. I got caught up in school work TT_TT. Anyways, I ran out of ideas so this was as good as I could get with creativity... Enjoy~
    --Reader's POV--
    I flinched and felt a hand quickly snake down my back, and quickly whip me on the butt. Startled, I flung back and smacked the pervert across the face with the [Magazine/manga/etc] I had been reading. Taken back from my response, I looked to see a blonde with streams of blood cascading down his cheeks from his eyes rubbing his red cheek. "Um, ow..." he whined.
    Relieved that it was just Ben, I relaxed and glared at him. "And what do you think you're doing?" I asked and continued to flip through the [Magazine/manga/etc.]. Ben just gave me his usual blank expression of stupidity and flopped on his belly next to me on the water bed.
    I sighed, feeling his hand play with my bra clasp through my shirt's fabric. "Visiting you, duh. Hey babe
:icongreysnowflake11:GreySnowflake11 182 15
Maximama! part 1
Maximama! part 1
[preg, BlE, magic, see desc for more info]
    "So what's this game you were talking about?" Stella asked Monica as she was guided to her friend's living room.
    "It's a game I found in my great-grandmother's basement." Monica explained. She placed her hands on top of a cardboard box. "Funny thing is, I tried looking up what it is, but couldn't find any info. So without further ado, I present to you..." Monica flung the box open and pulled something out in one swift motion. "Maximama!"
    Stella felt her upper lip scrunch up as she laid her eyes on the game.
    It was an average-sized board game, although it seemed more like a box due to its plastic, pastel purple panels. The board itself was simplistically designed: a white background with dozens of squares colored different shades of pastel blue and pink that created a very wavy route for the players' pieces. Crisply engraved on one of the panels was a p
:iconmisterdisposable:MisterDisposable 96 21
Ford Adopts Aquamarine by VelociPRATTor Ford Adopts Aquamarine :iconvelociprattor:VelociPRATTor 22 0


    I wonder what my new years resolution should be? I'm torn between trying to not die from school or at least finishing more than 5 video games this year. Oh I don't know or at least watch at least 10 animes and all the seasons and episodes.


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