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I used Sailor Senshi maker. by AnimeGamerKitten I used Sailor Senshi maker. :iconanimegamerkitten:AnimeGamerKitten 1 0 Me in Pokemon with my partner's Pokeball. by AnimeGamerKitten Me in Pokemon with my partner's Pokeball. :iconanimegamerkitten:AnimeGamerKitten 0 0 Animated me. by AnimeGamerKitten Animated me. :iconanimegamerkitten:AnimeGamerKitten 0 3


Tail Swap: Blake and Loui by Pumkinkiller777 Tail Swap: Blake and Loui :iconpumkinkiller777:Pumkinkiller777 14 40 Lunch Munny by Pumkinkiller777 Lunch Munny :iconpumkinkiller777:Pumkinkiller777 11 30
Nick Wild x Bunny Reader Complete Opposites Ch 1

Chapter 1: Zootopia
(So I went to see Zootopia with my little brother and farther. At I thought oh god 😑 but all the throughout the movie and after it I was like wow. I love the movie and wouldn't mind watching again.)
"Wow this is amazing," your mother chimed.
"Do you think the world would love it?" You asked with hope in your eyes.
"I'm sure they will honey," your father said as he placed a hand on your shoulder.
"Thank you. Now all I need to do is copy more of my books and publish them," you sang and grabbed your suitcase.
"Be careful out there Zootopia is a big place," your mother warned you.
"I know mum and I'm ready now. Just like Judy I wanted to succeed in writing and live in the city," you said as the train pulled in.
"I told her you were coming and she will meet you at the station," your father said and pulled you into a hug.
"We love you honey and good luck."
"I love you too guys... Ri
:iconsooozabell:SooozaBell 53 3
Disney[Descendants] - Male Reader Insert {1}

Hey guys! NehpetsSanders here! And here we finally have the first episode of our new series. I know you guys are excited, I'm excited. We're all excited!!!! Sorry, got a bit carried away there ^^;. Anyways, I thought of writing the story by using the PoV writing instead... Making the narrative one will definitely knock me off my brains... So yeah!
Oh! And by the way, been doing something a while lately:

So, yeah. This is what your character will look like in the story. It's kind of a speedy sketch, but it will do, right? Hope you guys love it :D :D 
And just to make things crystal clear:
Descendants belongs to Disney
The story belongs to me
And you belong to yourself
Hope you fellas enjoy!

:iconnehpetssanders:NehpetsSanders 54 8
Five Little Septic Eyes|Toddler!Egos x Reader
"You gotta be fucking kidding me..."
You walked out of your room, exhausted after having difficulties editing your last video for the day and getting it uploaded to your YouTube channel. Now you wanted nothing more than to relax with the others and watch some Netflix.
But as soon as you entered the living room, you came across not one, but five toddler-sized egos.
As if dealing with one wasn't enough...
Upon hearing you sigh, all of the egos stopped what they were doing and looked your way.
Chase was sitting on the sofa, showing Anti what appeared to be some fidget spinner. Jackieboy Man was on top of the furniture, looking down at the toy with wide, fixated eyes. And, finally, Henrik was sitting in a separate chair, looking rather grouchy about the situation at hand and curled up in his lab coat. Though when he saw you his expression softened a bit.
"A-Ah...gutentag, [y/n]. You see ve'" He trailed off, rubbing the back of his neck. "Ve seem to be-"
You put your ha
:iconclanwarrior:ClanWarrior 34 23
Met online [ Jeff the killer x reader ]
Met Online
[ Jeff the killer x reader ]
You walked into your room frustrated, another school day was over thank god. You let your (h/c) hair out of its ponytail and put your bag down on the floor as you walked over to your drawer and pulled out some comfortable (color) sweats and a (color) baggy t-shirt.
"thats better" you let yourself fall on your bed and closed your eyes. Just as you where about to fall into sleep your computer started to beep telling you that you had a message on MSN. It was your friend Jeff, you knew it even before you opened to look. You smiled as you looked at your computer and started to read the message before you replied.
~in the MSN~
InsaneJeff: How was school?
(MSN name): it was so boring, how do you always know when I'm done in school?
InsaneJeff: You told me silly~
(MSN name): oh yeah i forgot…
InsaneJeff: so whats been up in news for you?
(MSN name): nothing really, was in school almost dyeing of boredom
InsaneJeff: noo don't die on me (name)!!
:iconkillerer2708:Killerer2708 688 625
Protective!Jeff The Killer x Bullied!Reader
Okay, so I'm going to try my hand at this though it might not be good at all. But I'ma try my best. I hope you guys like it.
[F/N] - First Name      [L/N] - Last Name     [N/M] - Nickname    [H/N] - Horrible Name
[H/L] - Hair Length     [H/C] - Hair Color     [E/C] - Eye Color      [S/C] - Skin Color

You threw your book bag in your room upset. The kids were even worse today. They wouldn't stop harassing you and even got you in trouble. You were sent to the principle's office and then sent home. Your parents didn't care though. They were workaholics and were barely home to actually care. Even though they were like that, you still had enough money to be well off. Though, that's not why you were bullied.
You were bullied because you were different from other people i
:iconwritingispassion819:WritingIsPassion819 30 3
Kukui x Reader x Guzma [Guzma End]
Reader-14 Kukui-15 Guzma-13
Reader's POV
"Hey guys." I said place down my Litten and letting my Absol free. Kukui ran up to me, while Guzma didn't move.
"Hi Y/n!"
"How are you?"
"I'm good, you?" I let out a sigh.
"I'm okay, just needed air." I lied. My parents just kicked me out and sliced my cheek.
Kukui seemed to see through me and moved my hair, revealing my sliced cheek. He let out a sad sigh.
"Why?" He asked softly. I then fell apart. Guzma ran up to me and hugged me. He knew my pain. 
"Who did this?" Guzma asked.
"My parents," When I said that, the bug-type user rolled up his sleeves. "Please don't."
"Yeah, Guz. Y/n just need comfort right now."
"But we can't just do nothing! What about getting justice?!"
"NO! His/Her parents are very powerful people. You'd have the whole police force- including Kahuna Nanu- after you!"
"I DON'T CARE!!!" He shouted, punching Kukui square in the face.
"YOU TWO! STOP!" I shouted, making them stop.
"You need somewhere to stay, Y/n." Kukui said,
:icontypical-luna:Typical-Luna 3 0
Guzma x Male!Reader | Chapter 1
there is physically no title i can come up with
Fandom: Pokemon Sun/Moon
Team Skull Guzma x Male!Reader
Chapter 1

This fic contains swearing, probable sexual references later in the story, and original characters added in to make the story flow a little better.
The Team Skull boss shifted in his chair, stretching his legs out over the beaten armrest. His steel eyes lingered on the male grunt that was counting out the shards of Buginium Z, a small Yungoos sniffing around near his legs, before he let out a low sigh. Boy, things had gotten boring around here. He reached up to wipe at his eyes, and stretched his head back against the rest. The only thing even remotely exciting to happen today was the shouting about ten minutes prior, but it had already been silenced - leaving Guzma to sit back and forget it even happened. He had no idea what it had bee
:iconsavagetrash:SavageTrash 36 16
Guzma x Reader: Mima Part 1
“Jeez fuck! You wiped the floor with me! Fuckin' kick ass Pokémon you got there. What’s your name brat?”
Why… Why do they always want to talk?! Talking was such an unnecessary tool. You’d worked around it for years, didn’t need any friends or familiar acquaintances to prattle with. The only friends you needed were your Pokémon, but it seemed that the people of the world were still determined to know you. It had to have been the way you battled, stomping a foot here, slapping a thigh, your Pokémon experts by now at learning your body language. A showy tactic meant to distract people from the fact that you could not speak properly. Or perhaps it was your Salazzle, Opal, her namesake due to the sheen of her white scales that reflected a rainbow in just the right light.
But why do they seek conversation? Can’t they understand that all you want is blessed silence, to collect your winnings and go on to live away from your father
:iconkoromarimo:KoroMarimo 12 1
[PKMN] Guzma X Reader: Always There For You
   As a now ex-champion from the Kalos region, you decided to move out to Alola to start your life fresh again, missing the old days that you used to pend catching pokemon and building up your dex instead of running a league, living your life on call for new challengers. The decision to move was a tough one, but in the end, it was indeed well worth it and you were quite glad you left behind your life as a champion. Moving to Alola lead you to getting involved with some quite crazy and interesting events though, and as your life went on here you found secrets that told you stories with roots that ran deeper than those incidents went on.  Life here was fresh, and one particular group always kept things interesting for the first few months you lived here on the peaceful group of islands.
    Team Skull was the name of that group that made days a little hectic, finding yourself caught up in their mess quite often. You and the team’s rebellious lead
:iconsheeriridescence:SheerIridescence 25 2
Bendy x hateful!reader
You did not like Bendy. like, at all. You would avoid him at all costs. You had really forgotten your reason to hate him, but you just did. You hated Bendy. Bendy wasn't sure why you hated him so much, or why you wanted to avoid him. It kind of bothered him. He had asked Boris and Alice Angel to ask why you hated him. However, when they asked you, you would either avoid the topic or change it. Boris had enough of it. He had a bit of a plan to hopefully fix the situation. He went to get Bendy and Alice went to find you. Once they found the two of you they met back up in front of the closet and shoved you two into said closet. Boris locked the door.
"Are you sure this is going to work, Boris?"
"I'm not sure... but I hope it does." he leaned against the wall on the opposite side of the closet.
You growled and crossed your arms. You should've known those two were up to something. Bendy simply sighed and looked down at the floor.
"y/n... why do you hate me so much..?" You didn't answer. You
:iconfatalimpurity0:FatalImpurity0 5 1
ink!Sammy x abused!male!neko!child!reader
You were running away from two people, the two people who were considered your parents. You didn't call them as such, as they had beaten you and they did not like you. You had run into a building, which had Silly Time Vision above the door. You had run downstairs to get away from them, and hid. It seems you got away from your parents...for now. Your cat ears, yes you are a neko, flattened against your head as you sighed softly. After a bit of time passed, you heard a man singing. You knew it was man, by how his voice sounded.. You stood up, getting a bit of a closer look at the man; he wore overalls, along with a mask of a cartoon character, and you noticed his body was made of ink.. which you thought was a bit odd.. You try to get a closer look, but you end up stepping on a loose floorboard, which made creaking noises; making the man notice you. The man approached you, making you cry and hide your face, expecting to be hit... however, it didn't happen. Instead, he gently pet your ears
:iconfatalimpurity0:FatalImpurity0 2 0
Guzma x reader
You were currently searching for the ex leader of Team Skull, Guzma. You looked around in the areas where you've seen him before, except for one place... their base in Po town. You thought you might be able to find him there. Or at least one of his grunts may know where to find him. You called upon Charizard to fly you to Po town. Once there, you got off of Charizard.
"thank you Charizard." Charizard nodded and flew off. You sighed softly and walked to the team skull base. You walked inside and look around, hoping to find the white haired male. However, there was no sign of him.
"y/n?" one of the grunt called to you. You looked over at him.
"don't tell the boss I told you this, but he's at route 8. At the beach part of it anyway." You smiled and nodded.
"oh okay! thank you!" the grunt simply nodded and left. You walked outside and called upon Charizard to take you to Akala Island, right by route 8. You thanked Charizard and made your way down route 8. After a few moments of walking, yo
:iconfatalimpurity0:FatalImpurity0 3 0
Take It Off by calytries Take It Off :iconcalytries:calytries 118 7 Guzma! What is wrong with you!? by LadyEmpathy Guzma! What is wrong with you!? :iconladyempathy:LadyEmpathy 122 32


I'm a South Park Girl.
Did a South park avatar and the end Genocide shirt undertale
Miracle Girl
    A Superhero who moves to Paris and her normal name is Mira Stark. My oc has named her forms the cat is Tabby, the pink is Love, blue Petra, yellow Daisy, red Rose, purple cool, White without the feathers is Cosmo, green Talia, white with the feathers Dove, and the dark pruple with the bow is Alya. The girl in the middle is Mira.
    I wonder what my new years resolution should be? I'm torn between trying to not die from school or at least finishing more than 5 video games this year. Oh I don't know or at least watch at least 10 animes and all the seasons and episodes.


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Bailey Yates
United States
I love drawing, videogames, anime, movies, and reading


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